Our Story

Began in 1961 when Robert D. Hampton, Jr. purchased an orchard in California’s soil-rich Central Valley. Today the family legacy lives on with through Robert’s 5 children and his 4 grandchildren.

Hampton Ranch expanded their business in 2006 to include almond firewood when the eldest of the 5 children, Robert Hampton III saw an opportunity unique to central California. The buying and selling of seasoned almond firewood. There are over 1,000,000 acres of almond trees in California alone and most are located in Central California.

The average life of an almond orchard is 25 years. When almond growers decide to replant their orchard and remove the old trees they either cut down the trees and to sell as firewood or it can be ground up and recycled back into the soil.

Hampton Ranch picks up the wood and stores it at  3 different ranches. When the wood is seasoned, it is split with a hydraulic splinter and put in 24 cubic foot plastic bins where it is ready for delivery.

Landscape Firewood

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